5 Ways to be More Effective in the Morning

4 September, 2012 | Written by Recuperat-ion Recuperat-ion
One of the most important ways to improve your morning is to drink a glass of water as soon as you awaken. Since much of our body contains water, and water evaporates, replacing the water you have lost while asleep is crucial to feeling well. 

This is in addition to any other morning beverages you have, such as juice, coffee, tea or milk on your cereal. Just as an automobile needs oil and gasoline to run, people need enough liquids that contain water through the day. The rule of thumb is to divide your weight in pounds by half, which is the number of ounces of fluid you should drink per day.

Get in the habit of eating a small breakfast, even if it is only one piece of fruit. Half of a piece of toast and some yogurt is plenty for those who do not enjoy larger morning meals. Try to limit the amount of sugar in breakfast foods, as it will spike blood sugar levels. Later in the morning, when the sugar wears off, sleepiness will overwhelm even the healthiest person. 

Make sure you are getting good sleep. Restlessness during the night can cause a lack of the needed deep sleep, leading to headaches, depression and a grouchy feeling in the morning. Even though our body sleeps, if it is not quality sleep, it does not fully count. Many caffeine lovers insist that drinking caffeinated products late in the afternoon does not prevent them from sleeping when they go to bed. However, they twitch or wake up during the night, or never enter into a long enough period of deep sleep. Enjoying the morning hours requires a great night’s sleep. 

Take at least ten minutes to meditate or reflect on reasons to be thankful. It is time to remind yourself how important you are, and that you are in charge of taking care of yourself first. People who postpone caring for themselves are putting others who they care for at risk. If music in the morning makes you happy, set your alarm clock to wake you with a favorite radio channel. 

Decide to add at least five minutes of stretching exercises to your morning routine, even if you do them in bed. Moreover, going to bed only 15 minutes earlier, then getting up that much sooner can make a huge difference in your morning routine. By cutting out the rush, you cut out a lot of stress, which is sure to improve anyone’s morning. 

Written by the compression stocking and health gurus at CompressionStocking.co.

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