Albert Moreno, The next LD star?

3 October, 2013 | Written by Recuperat-ion Recuperat-ion
Albert Moreno did his
best race of the year last Sunday in France. The prodigy from Igualada won the second
place in his first outing in an Ironman race. Even the best French specialists didn’t
expect it at this level. But Albert has surpassed oneself this season,
especially cycling. We did a small interview to the Recuperat-ion Hydrasport
triathlete, making the most of his feat euphoria.
Congratulations Albert for your second place in
the Ironman 70.3 Pays d’Aix. You arrived with doubts in an outsider role. Tell
us which your expectations before the competition were.
As I said in the press
conference before the race, I came with the challenge of being top 10, and see
which would be the way to follow, depending on the position I will finish. It
was my debut in a 70.3 and wanted to know where I was. Furthermore, I came with
troubles in my knee and made me be somewhat cautious. But luckily the race went better than expected. 

One of your goals this season was to continue
learning and “tame” Half-Ironman distance. With this result, it seems
that you are already porepared. Could describe what is special about this

At the beginning of this
year I felt the 90km bike quite long and When I got off  for running I couldn’t deliver all my
potential in some races, whereas in others I was able to run fast.
Little by little, I have
been assimilating the work on the bike and I get off more easily than before,
even when biking at 90% of my possibilities, as was the case on Sunday I can
run fast.


If I look at the second
part of the season (Getxo, Narbonne and Aix) I see that I ran better after the
bike than in the first part (Fuerteventura, Salou and Bilbao).
Albert Moreno Recuperat-ion Hydrasport Ironman
Albert Moreno 


You’ve improved a lot in bike. How did you do
that? What has changed in your training?
I think it’s a matter of
evolution, before I made weeks of 300 km and a maximum of 400km but without
series workout or anything just going out on bike. In May we introduced more
specific work on the bike, biking 400 km and even a 500 km per week with
specific work strength and series.
Furthermore, during August,
we have placed great emphasis on the Orbea Ordu.
 From now on, you will start as a favorite in many races.
What goals do you have next year? Do you think about an Ironman in 2014?
For next year, I would
love to try to qualify for the World Cup in Mont-Tremblant 70.3 professional. I
think it would be a big step towards my professional carreer in Triathlon and I
am thrilled to try it.
No, I think I still have
a lot to learn in this distance to climb another step, but honestly, It
attracts me so much that people around me I have to stop me! maybe in 2015 or
2016, we will see how the body evolves.
It is difficult to change in status? Do you feel
that your professional relationships have changed this season?
It is difficult to
change but I guess it’s a matter of racing results. On the other hand my
relationship with professionals is as always, I admire many for having made his
hobby his way of life and I think they all deserve my admiration.
a showman at the finish line! Do you like interact with the public? Do you want
the notoriety?

I do not like the notoriety, those who know me know I’m a
little shy and cautious in some situations, but when I’m on the finsh straight
and the result is good I like to express myself because I love this sport, I
love interacting with the public, as they are part of triathlon, furthermore, I’m
very glad because they encourage me a lot in all the races. And I appreciate it
very much.


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