An Athlete’s Guide to Achieving Endurance

6 September, 2012 | Written by Recuperat-ion Recuperat-ion
Endurance is something
that is difficult to achieve.  The same
is true even if you have been an athlete for years.  This is because endurance cannot be obtained
overnight.  Sometimes, it would even take
years before any athlete or anyone can achieve the right level of
endurance.  However, one must remember
that achieving the most ideal level of endurance is indeed possible. But, you
need to have the prerequisites of it which include determination and patience. The
following tips about endurance are just easy to do or perform:
Avoid empty carbohydrates.
Your daily diet must be
devoid of empty carbohydrates such as foods that contain refined sugar and
starch.  Stick to complex carbohydrates
because these are great sources of energy. Examples of these would include
oatmeal bran, brown rice, oranges, legumes and whole grain foods. Remember that
you need to be physically strong first before you can achieve endurance
especially in sports. Although complex carbohydrates are important for our
health, we still need to have them in moderation. Moreover, if you frequently
eat foods that contain empty carbohydrates you increase your risk of suffering
from stress and anxiety. As a result, you will have difficulty achieving endurance
because stress and anxiety will always get in the way. 
Lessen your stimulants.
Some people prefer to
drink plenty of coffee because it keeps them up all night.  Others drink colas and any other artificially
sweetened beverages in order to experience some boost in their energy
level.  However, just like borrowing some
amount of money from your bank, you need to pay it.  If your energy is only borrowed from these
stimulants your body will pay for it sooner or later. Too much intake of coffee
and sugary foods will only add up to the chemical imbalance inside your brain
and body.  In turn, you end up putting
your health at risk. Genuine endurance comes from healthy lifestyle which means
eating and drinking anything nutritious.
Practice nasal breathing.
Nasal breathing allows you
to maximize the use of your lungs. Unfortunately, not many people are aware of
the fact that we humans are originally designed to breathe through our
nose.  Therefore, as long as you do not
have any physical disability which hinders your ability to breathe through your
nose then go ahead and do it. In addition, breathing through the mouth has been
associated with an increase in one’s vulnerability to stress and anxiety.  Mouth breathing engages your nervous system
even more than your respiratory system. Hence, you become at risk of
experiencing rapid heart rate which may prelude to stress and anxiety. But, if
you try to make it a habit to breathe through your nose you will realize that
it has a calming effect. If you notice, yoga and other meditational exercises
employ the use of nose when breathing. This means that nasal breathing is more
relaxing. Nasal breathing allows more oxygenated blood into your bloodstream.
This will then improve your body’s ability to get rid of toxins which will
inevitably lead to an increased endurance.
Stick to your high intensity
This would mean spending
more time at the gym. The more you exercise, the more you become capable of
producing explosive actions in the playing field. Make sure to put variation on
your exercise regimen to ensure that all your core muscles are strengthened. Constant
exposure to intense exercises will enhance your ability to endure fatigue and
pain. You should also see to it that you constantly practice with increasing
speed, all those movements that are related to your chosen sports. The more you
train and exercise, fatigue will just feel like second nature to you. This will
not only increase your efficiency but as well as your endurance.
Try to incorporate all or
any of these tips into your lifestyle. 
Then, give yourself at least thirty days to see some improvements in
your level of endurance. Unfortunately, a lot of people are struggling to stick
to it or to consistently incorporate them in their daily routine. Without
patience and determination, you will never be able to possess your desired
level of endurance. 
About the Author:
Ryan Rivera used to suffer
from anxiety attacks for seven years.  He
now advocates healthy living as the best weapon against anxiety and
depression.  You can read
more of his writings at Calm
Recuperat-ion – Hydration and Nutrition Experts

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