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5 February, 2014 | Written by Recuperat-ion Recuperat-ion
Carla Suarez is currently the best spanish player on the WTA Tour (17th rank at the end of January). This season, Hydrasport will be the sports drink used by this great player to help her with nutrition and hydration matters. We wanted to know a bit more about her.


– At what age did you start playing tennis?


I began
playing tennis when I was 9 or 10 years old, in Gran Canaria.


– Did you always want to be a professional player?


My love of
tennis grew as I got older, but I didn’t have any idea of going pro, I just
played for fun. However, when I was 15-16 I decided I wanted to be a
professional tennis player.




– If you weren’t a tennis player, what else would you
like to be?


If I weren’t
a tennis player, I think I would have liked to play basketball (point guard),
as I also played that a lot, but if I had to choose a profession right now I’d
be a veterinarian.




– What’s the best thing about your life as a pro
athlete? And the worst?


The best
thing about my life as an athlete is that I get to do what I love most: play
tennis. But above all I love the competition, the fact that all your hard work
pays off; tennis is a very fair sport, where your level of success depends on
the work and the training you do each day.


The worst
thing is having to be on the road so many weeks of the year and be far from
your family. We’re all growing up and I feel like I haven’t spent enough time
with them. Also, as tennis is an individual sport there are a lot of times in
your life when you feel very alone.




– What other player or athlete did you find
particularly inspiring in your career?


Ever since I
was a little girl, I’ve always really admired Michael Jordan, because he always
strove to excel and he had that special leadership quality. If he failed, he
didn’t give up; he always went back and tried again.




– Which Grand Slam tournament do you dream of winning
most often?


favourite Grand Slam tourney is Roland Garros, and winning that would be the ultimate
dream come true.


– What’s your favourite movie?


My favourite
film is Pearl Harbor; it’s a very
real story, and I loved it from the first time I saw it.




– What’s your favourite book?


My favourite
book… I have a lot that I like and have taught me so much, but if I had to
name one it would be Tuesdays with Morrie.




– If you had headphones on right now, what music would
you be listening to?


Well, now
I’m listening to a lot of songs by Beyoncé and Bruno Mars.


– How many people are on your “staff”? How
does “Team Carla Suárez” work?


I have a lot
of people around me. Marc Casabo and Xavier Budó are my tennis coaches, Ignasi
de la Rosa is my conditioning coach, Julio Uceda is my physiotherapist and
Saioa Segura is my nutritionist. I also have a lot of other people who help me,
and although I don’t see them every day they are very important to me, too.


On my team
we try to all work towards the same goal, keeping the lines of communication
open and forming a tight-knit group.


– What kind of nutrition problems does a player at
your level face?


The hardest
thing about nutrition at our level is travelling abroad, because diets vary
tremendously from one country to the next and you always have to watch what you
eat. For example, in the USA the hardest thing for me are the breakfasts, but
we’re getting used to it little by little.




– Since when have you used Recuperat-ion Hydrasport?


I’ve been
drinking Recuperat-ion Hydrasport a long time, around 5 years.




In your opinion, and based on your experience, what is
the principal benefit of Hydrasport?


The main
benefit is that it helps you stay well-hydrated all the time; it’s a drink that
provides everything you need to perform at the most demanding level. Hydrasport
is a drink easy to digest and not too sweet. I find it very beneficial.




– What’s your opinion about the profile of women’s
tennis today? You are in the WTA’s top 20, but it seems as though men are still
getting all the media attention.


Men’s sports
always have and still do monopolise the media limelight, but I think that the
WTA circuit has been gaining ground and is now more on an equal footing. It’s
also more entertaining than ever; more and more people are gradually becoming
fans of women’s sports, and that’s good for tennis and for all girls. We female
tennis players will do our best to change the dynamics and gradually earn
greater recognition for our sport at the international level.




– You are the top-ranked female player in Spain. What
does that status mean to you?


For me, being
number one in Spain motivates me to keep working and improving day after day.
Our national ranking is based on our performance and successes at the
international level, and the bar is so high that you always have to keep
working. Being the best in your sport is a reward for all your hard work.




– What is your athletic goal for 2014?

My athletic goal for 2014
is to try to win a tournament, and above all try to finish among the top 10-15
female players in the world.


Rehydration is basic in every sport. For the tennis, Hydrasport compensates the lost of electrolytes  affecting muscular output (less mobility, less flexibility, less explosivity). On top of this, Hydrasport helps to maintain a high level of mental concentration. 

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