Embrunman 2012: Marcel Zamora and Isabelle Ferrer at their best!

16 August, 2012 | Written by Recuperat-ion Recuperat-ion


Yesterday, the Barcelonista won for
the third time the Embrunman (3,8-188-42,195), one of the toughest triathlons
in the world. This triumph has a special significance. “Today was the
greatest day of my career. I needed this victory and feel alive, to be again.
Mentally, I knew I had to suffer for what I dreamed for months. ” After a
year of doubts marked by injuries and disqualification exactly one year ago on
the same event, “Xelin” set the record brilliantly. Running all day
behind the Australian David Dellow and the Spanish Victor del Corral, he was
distanced by bicycle, a discipline in which he generally excels. But it was not
enough to destabilize the morale of Marcel. The five-time winner of the Ironman
in Nice did not let go. At the 25th km of the marathon, he took the ranking
over Victor del Corral, to pick up an extraordinary victory. The triathlete is
In the female category, Isabelle Ferrer also released the big
game. Like Marcel, it was a tense and the girl from Dijon won against the
defending champion Erika Csömör Hungarian and British… Bella Bayliss in
second place. The untouchable Collonge Jeanne was leading the race with her
superiority. “I really bit the bullet on the bicycle behind Csömör. At the
top of the last pass, I was exhausted. I was not sure what would happen after so
much effort. But finally, I gained trust. I hydrated myself in the first
kilometers, running with my sports drink bottle of Recuperat-ion Sport. I even
wore bags on me, and really I do not regret it. I felt good, lucid throughout
the race. “Says Isabelle. This is the third time that Isabelle finished
second in Embrun.
Recuperat-ion shares the excitement of these two
non-standard athletes. Beyond performance, Isabelle and Marcel perfectly
represent the values ​​and spirit of sport. A real source of inspiration.

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