Health Benefits and Risks from Running

25 December, 2012 | Written by Recuperat-ion Recuperat-ion

There are a lot of health benefits to running – but there can be downsides.

Weight loss
Although the importance of a healthy diet cannot be overestimate, exercise is an essential part of healthy weight loss. Doing an activity like running is a great way to burn calories and help you reach the body shape you desire.
The great thing about running for weight loss is that those who are overweight actually burn more calories while running – this can be more than a thousand calories an hour.  In addition to this it is easier to feel less self-conscious jogging than being at a gym, swimming pool or exercise class.
Stress reduction
Exercise is widely recognised as being very helpful in managing stress. Outdoor running actually seems to be especially good for this.
One advantage of going running is that it is quality time when you are by yourself, and away from the pressures of work and family. Having that time can make a big difference. You might even have some good ideas while you are out there – who knows!
Heart health
Regular exercise can help maintain healthy heart. Heart problems are a leading cause of death, with many of those potentially being preventable with better health and fitness.
The heart is a muscle, and exercise which raises the heart rate exercises it and make it stronger. In addition to this running helps improve blood circulation, which has numerous health benefits.
Breathing harder is a necessary part of running. Not only does running place greater demand on the lungs, it helps them work better. As a person gets fitter their lungs will actually become more efficient
If you are a smoker, running can help motivate you to quit. If you are an ex-smoker the running habit is one more reason not to light up again.
Bone strength
Running helps to build up strength in the bones.  The big benefit of this is that it may be possible to ward off the onset of osteoporosis in old age.
Nothing is ever good in excess, and running is no exception. When starting running or increasing the amount of it that you are doing, it is essential to build up gradually. The body needs time to strengthen and adapt.
It is always best to consult your doctor before you embark on any kind of new exercise regime. Getting the green light from your physician is a sensible precaution.
For various reasons there are a number of running injuries that can occur. Some people take out individual health insurance so that they can get swift access to treatment should they need it.
Being safe outside is also very important when running – especially in the winter months. Reflective clothing can help make you safer around traffic. Another danger is slipping on ice, so make sure you take extra care and put safety first.

Pamela Chimbonda hates the gym, but quite likes running.

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  1. For those of you unsure of how to go about starting a running routine, especially if you’ve never run before, there is an awesome app for iPhone/iPod (maybe even for Droid phones, haven’t checked). It is called C25K.



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