How did Europe Celebrate Their Ryder Cup Win in Style?

11 October, 2012 | Written by Recuperat-ion Recuperat-ion
This article looks at how Europe celebrated last weekend’s remarkable Ryder Cup victory in Chicago in style.

Out of Nowhere

There is no question that Europe’s victory over the United States in the Ryder Cup was one of the most remarkable sporting achievements of all time. On Saturday afternoon, they were dead and buried. We’re not sure what the odds were on Europe winning the thing at that time, but if anyone still held belief that they would win and had a wild flutter on it, they will be sitting on a nice pile of money as of now.
When you achieve anything on a grand scale it is worth celebrating, but how could you possibly follow what will forever go down in history and be remembered by those there in person and watching at home on television.


The journalists reporting on the Sunday afternoon will no doubt refer to the fireworks that occurred on the golf course, however it will be the real life variety that were fired high into the Chicago sky above Medinah Country Club on Sunday that would have felt like knives into American hearts.
No doubt after Saturday they were preparing for a red, white, and blue fireworks display to end all fireworks displays, only to see those preparations shot down spectacularly on Sunday afternoon.

The Olazabal Jig

When Europe won the Ryder Cup in Ohio in 1987, 2012 captain Jose Maria Olazabal famously did a Latin-inspired jig on the final green at Muirfield Village. After posing with the trophy on Sunday evening, this years’ players and vice-captains, although not Olazabal himself, replicated his famous dance, although with nowhere near the same level of skill and grace, it has to be said.

The Party

It probably isn’t the best thing for Europe’s reputation as a developed civilisation and society, but they are very open and honest about the levels of alcohol consumption that are undertaken when they win the Ryder Cup. To be fair, they are not in a sport where their performance is going to be massively influenced next week if they get plastered one evening of the week.
It’s just as well, really, given the size of the party that was held in the team hotel in Chicago well into Monday morning.

Back to the Day Job

Despite the fame and glory that will forever be attached to Sunday 30th September 2012, ultimately the players have had to head back to the day job, and back to reality. Thankfully for a lot of them, the regular season is almost at an end, so they have the opportunity for a few weeks off before starting all over again next year.
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