How the right running technique can improve your health and performance!

7 June, 2013 | Written by Recuperat-ion Recuperat-ion
is nothing new to us, we learned how to run since we was kids, in fact some of
us  have become runners, running for
fitness, marathons or even for the bus.  
Many of us have been running for years, but we would never question
ourselves is this the right technique? 
 It sounds insane, but why would we even think
that something we have been doing since we was kids would be wrong?   But thinking to a deeper level who taught us
how to run? Like breathing our movements was by instinct so we never learned
how to run we just did it. 




I have been Jogging for the past 6 months, until my knee started to hurt.  That is when I consulted my doctor which was
not much help as he only recommended pain killers.  So I decided to do some research on the causes
of knee pains through running.  To my
amazement it is a common issue that a lot of runners suffer from knee problems.     

Jogging or running techniques can apply force on your knees, which can result
in deterioration of the knee.  There are
loads of advices to resolve knee injuries. 
After reading many blogs and discussions with joggers, I learned that
there are many techniques on how to run. 
You just apply the one that is most comfortable for you, which puts less
impact on your body.
to Joggers and experts the most important rule is posture, when running you got
to keep your head and chest upright and not leaning forward.  Your whole upper body should remain stable
and un-tensed, this is to avoid neck or any back injuries.  




Your movement and pivot point is on your toe, by keeping your posture straight
while running; you will apply less pressure on your knees.  If you was leaning forward you greater toe
will take on more impact affecting your movement and possibility of
Our movement is controlled through sensors from the sole of our feet sent to
the brains, which commands the movement. 
Research by barefoot running expert Lee Saxby have shown that running
with feet having more contact to the surface give more information to the
brain, allowing the brain to understand the surroundings better.    

After discovering that my technique could be the cause, I changed my technique
and I instantly felt the difference. 
Before I felt a lot of pressure to my knees caused by my poor

running focus on landing on the ball of your feet but avoid heel striking,
avoid landing on the sides of your feet or too close to your toes. This
technique I found by Vivobarefoot who dedicated their time to researching barefoot running . These techniques should help you be more efficient and reduce your
chances of injury.
Recuperat-ion hydrasport reminds you that a good hydration will boost your performance and will helps you to avoid muscle injuries. 

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