How to change a flat on a BMX bike

3 September, 2012 | Written by Recuperat-ion Recuperat-ion
No questions about it; getting a flat on your BMX bike is never fun, unless sadomasochism is your thing. There are a few types of flats, puncture (nail puncturing the tire and tube), pinch (usually the tire is too low and tube pinches against the rim) and blow out (the tube just blows out). These are the three most common ways to get an unfortunate flat on you bike. 

If you get a pinch or puncture flat you can usually fix them with a patch, which are great for a quick fix but no always reliable. Now if you are in a pinch, no pun intended and just need to get home you can always remove a portion of your tire and tube and tie it in a knot, replace the tube and tire, pump it up and ride as fast as you can to get a new tube.

Once you have a new tube follow these instructions and you will be rolling (properly inflated of course) in no time.

1. Remove the wheel from your bike using the proper tool. Check your owner manual or manufactures website to make sure you have the proper tool.
2. Once the wheel is off your bike get a tire lever and hook the tire lever between the tire and rim, making sure you get under the bead of the tire. Try not to hook the tube, as you just want to get the tire bead off the rim at this point.
3. Pry one side of the tire off the rim. It is good to have two tire levers so you can leave this first one where it is and the second you can pry the tire off the rim approximately 6 or 8 inches from the first. Continue to pry the rest of the tire off the rim.
4. Now that one side of the tire is off the rim pull the valve stem of the tube through the rim.
5. Remove the rest of the tire off the rim. You should be able to do this by hand or with just a few pry of the tire lever. Make sure you take both edges of the tire off the same side of the rim.
6. Always check the inside of tire before replacing the tube for foreign objects that may puncture the new tube. Carefully run your hand inside the tire to see if you find anything and remove it if you do. Insert one side of the tire (with out the tube in it) onto the wheel. This can be done by hand until the tire lever is needed.
7. Grab your valve stem of the new tube and push it through the hole in the rim. You can replace the valve cap if you wish to prevent the stem from falling back through the rim. Insert the tube into the tire. Be careful not to twist the tube while you are doing this.
8. Pull the other side of the tire onto the rim. You should be able to do most, in not all of this with your hands. You may need to use the tire levers to finish putting the tire on. Be very careful not to pinch the tube or you will have to get a new one and start all over. Check the tire for bulges and bumps. If you come across any you will have to remove one side of the tire and smooth out the tube.
9. Inflate the tire to the manufactures pressure, which is usually located on the sidewall of the tire. Recap the valve stem.
10. Reinstall your wheel onto your BMX bike, making sure the nuts or bolts are tight. Have fun and be safe!
Leigh Ramsdell writes for Vein BMX, which sells top-of-the-line BMX frames.

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