How to Exercise on a Budget

29 August, 2012 | Written by Recuperat-ion Recuperat-ion
The little things are the first to go when the economy is down: your grande soy latte, your dry cleaning, your valet, and your gym membership. Unfortunately, you sometimes have to give up things that you love. 
So, what are you supposed to do when you still want to get a good workout, but you don’t want to spend all the money? 
Below are a few tips to help you break a sweat without breaking the bank.
One way to save a lot of money is to find things around the house (or items at the store) that you can use again and again. Try using your exercise ball in a couple of ways: work your abs, support your body during strength workouts, and help with cardio.
Get Creative
You may find that you have plenty of items around the house that you can use during your workout routine. Search in closets, under the bed, and even in your children’s rooms for creative ideas. Consider using a jump rope, trampoline, hula hoop, or stool. If you find something that you think might work but you don’t know of any good exercises, pull some up on the internet. You might also consider making up your own cardio workouts or looking for some on the internet.
Stay Home
If you can’t find time for your regular workout because the house is messy or the dishes need to be done, make them a part of your workout. Consider timing yourself or pushing yourself a little harder than you normally do. You can work out a little harder by vacuuming with more enthusiasm, taking extra trips up and down the stairs, and reaching both high and low to dust those oft-missed spots.
Turn on the TV
No, the television won’t help you to lose weight—unless you use it to get your workout in. Consider purchasing a few DVDs or VHS tapes to use for inexpensive, at-home workouts. You can buy these new for fairly cheap, but you can also get used ones at garage sales or thrift store. If you want to minimize spending as much as possible, look for some at your local library. They will surely have a variety of choices, and they are usually open to ordering items if you request them.
Get Outside
Working out in the great outdoors doesn’t cost you a dime. Additionally, it wouldn’t hurt you one bit to get outside to enjoy nature and breathe fresh air into your lungs. Go for a run or a walk when the weather permits. Head to the local high school track, explore a new neighborhood, or take a couple laps around the block you live on. If you aren’t much of a runner, look for other ways to get in a good outdoor workout. Consider things like raking leaves, getting active with your kids or pets, or even doing yoga.
Call a Friend
While this may not necessarily help you save money (unless your friend owns a home gym), it will help you to get motivated outside of cardio equipment and the general gym atmosphere. Getting motivated to workout can be difficult, especially if you plan on running outside or doing it at home. Ask a close friend or a spouse to join you a couple of times a week during your workouts. You’ll be more likely to get moving, and it will be a lot less expensive than hiring a personal trainer.
Join a Team
Another way to get fit without spending all of the cash is through joining a local intramural sports team. Try your hand at something new or venture into the great unknown. Either way, you will have a ton of motivation, and you will often forget that you are exercising with all the fun you have. You may have to spend a little bit of cash on registration fees, but they are usually not very expensive.
Download the App
There is literally an app for everything, and exercise is no exception. You can find some good ones through the featured tab on the iPhone or Android, as well as through word of mouth. You can also choose between free ones and ones that cost as little as $2.99.
Working out on a budget isn’t as difficult as you might think, and it can often serve as a much needed change of scenery for a serious gym goer.
Blogger Lindsey Clement is forever under the yoke of two things: a tight waistband and a tight budget.  In addition to the assistance she received from Trim Nutrition, Lindsey loves uncovering cheap exercise tips that help supplement her weight loss efforts.
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