Hydration for the Welsh 3000 or 15 Peaks challenge

13 June, 2012 | Written by Recuperat-ion Recuperat-ion


If you are planning to complete this challenge, you will be
mindful about your hydration needs. Our muscles are composed of 70% water, so
it is extremely important to drink while exercising. A good hydration cools
down our body temperature and ensures proper muscle function.
To replace the fluid lost is your priority, we suggest you
not to drink water, especially if it’s hot, because sweat contains electrolytes
that should also be restored. Sports drinks, like Recuperat-ion SPORT, will provide you the fluids and electrolytes
you need. 
During exercise you should drink regularly. the frequency
will depend on the intensity and duration of the exercise, weather conditions
and your physical conditions. If you wait until you are thirsty you are already
slightly dehydrated. Drink regularly every 20 minutes, you will reduce the
sensation of effort and you will be more likely to enjoy. 
Our recommendations:
Be well hydrated before the challenge.
During: 1
packed of Recuperat-ion SPORT in your Sports bottle and drink every 20
After:  To speed muscle recovery after exercise, it
is critical to replace any fluid lost during the next 2 hours.
Sports drinks should
contain a relatively high concentration of sodium for an optimal recovery (103,6mg
sodium per 100ml of drink) like Recuperat-ion SPORT, which will keep
your urge to drink. Take in mind, during and after intense exercise you can
lose your thirst but you still need hydration.  
Hydration experts
like Prof. Dr. Ronald J. Maughan, professor of Sport and Exercise
Nutrition at Loughborough University, recommend drinking at least 150 % of
body weight lost during exercise, to recover the liquids lost by sweat and
 In general the best way to determine how much
to drink is to weigh yourself before and after exercise. But as it is not easy
to weight yourself in the nature, you can determine your hydration status by
observing the color of your urine:
A light colored
urine indicates you are well hydrated.
A dark colored urine,
indicates you still dehydrated and you need to drink more.
 Maughan, Ron J.,
Murray R. Sports Drinks: Basic Science and practical aspects. 2001. Eds. CRC
Recuperat-ion – Hydration Experts

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