Interview with Marcel Zamora

8 October, 2012 | Written by Recuperat-ion Recuperat-ion
Here’s a new
opus of Recuperat-ion’s interviews in bulk. This time, it’s Marcel Zamora who
lent himself to the game of questions and answers. “Xelin” reveals us
a little a bit of his personality.
Which athlete has inspired you the
most? Why?
Haile Gebresselassie
has always impressed me. This is the legend of athletics, with exceptional
elegance. In addition, his way of being, always with a smile and kindness, makes
him someone unique. I had the chance to see him running at the Granollers Half
Marathon a few years ago. Otherwise, I also like Marco Pantani and
“Purito” (note: Joaquin Rodriguez), but especially for their
spectacular style.
Which race makes you dream the most?
More than a
race, one of my dreams is to finish a marathon in less than 2h20. Why not
Berlin! It is well known to be a fast race.
In your opinion, what is the best
place to practice triathlon?
Banyoles of course!
Since I live there I like this place even more to practice triathlon. That
said, I also saw extraordinary places for training in Australia and the United
And to live?
Sydney and
San Francisco are two cities that I love.



If you were not a triathlete, what
job would you have done?
It’s hard to
say! I’ve never asked myself. I think that it would have been a job related to
sport anyway. Or maybe a cook!
Do you like cooking?
Yes I do.
But I only cook very simple dishes. I would like to learn how to make sauces
for example, but I really don’t have time.
What is your favorite dish apart
from pizza with tuna (note: the tuna pizza is a ritual for Marcel before the Nice
This is not
a favorite dish … but I must confess that chocolate, in all its forms, makes
me crazy! If I had to choose one dish, I would say a good entrecote!
Can you recommend us a restaurant?
The Bar
Restaurant Elisabets in Barcelona (Carrer d’Elisabets, 2-4). The restaurant is
owned by two of my biggest fans, and the food is great!
After the publication of your first
book, would you like to publish other books?
Why not? I
discovered the pleasure of being able to express all my ideas and thoughts.
Being able to transmit what you feel is a rewarding experience. Above all, I
enjoyed meeting readers and sharing the book with them.
Would you identify yourself more like Ironman,
Spiderman, Batman or Superman?
I am more…
Xelinman! Xelin is my nickname, and on my last swimsuits, we created a
character based on my image: Xelinman!
What music are you listening to
right now?
Chances are
that it’s a Bruce Springsteen song! Perhaps Coldplay, or Adele who I really
like lately.
knows your passion for Bruce Springsteen. If you had to choose a song of the boss
as the soundtrack of your life, which one would you choose?
I think I
would choose “land of hope and dreams”, or perhaps


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