Marcel Zamora Nutrition for Enbrunman

2 September, 2013 | Written by Recuperat-ion Recuperat-ion
Exclusively for Recuperat-ion, Marcel Zamora tell us in broad strokes his diet before, during and after winning his fourth Embrunman triathlon (3,8 km swimming, 188 km bicking, 42 km running). 


During the preparation: 
“I did as always. In summer, I use to train a lot in the Alps, so above all, I take care of my hydration. As I like an stronguer flavour I put 2 packets of Recuperat-ion Hydrasport in a sports bottle ( generally is 1 packet). For long trainning sessions, I carry some more packets with me. On the other hand, I don’t use to eat too much when I’m trainning. I never eat gels, only some bars.”
The days prior the race: 
“During the 3 first days of the last week, I don’t eat carbohydrates. Nothing. I focus in eating green, meat and fish. Afterward, the following 3 days, I introduce carbohydrates little by little. Above everything, I try to eat small quantities, but several times, between hours: I have an small breakfast, but 2 hours later I have a good brunch. I have a normal lunch and dinner, but I also eat an afternoon snack. One of my favourite things during this final period are the biscuits Tuc. I feel really full during this period but during the race I don’t eat too much.”
The day of the race: 
“I have a normal breakfast two hours before. I don’t take any risk. I don’t eat nothing that could repeat on during the swimming, as the orange juice. 40 minutes before the start I take a gel.
While biking, this year,  I took 2 gels and 2 bars. I drank 4 sport bottles of Recuperat-ion Hydrasport (3 litres) allways with 2 packets in each sport bottle. The best mineral salts for me. At the top of Izoard pass I took  a cabohydrates shake and another before the marathon.
Running, I took 4 gels diluted in water and some jelly beans”
After the race:
“The truth is that after the end of race I don’t feel like eating something. Above all I drink cold water and recuperat-ion Hydrasport, more diluted than in races.”

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