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30 August, 2012 | Written by Recuperat-ion Recuperat-ion
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From the performance footwear required by high action sports like Football or Squash, to footwear suitable for more sedate sports such as fishing and croquet. This article will aim to give a brief overview of the kinds of appropriate footwear for a number of sports including those mentioned above.

Football & Rugby

Although Rugby and Football boots are incredibly similar, the rule-book of each respective game requires certain critera to be met, all of which relate to the studs which the boots employ. Studs are used in both sports to gain excellent grip whilst on the pitch. Both Rugby and Football designate their stud rules based on the health and safety needs of their players.
Football boots are not allowed to use metal studs but can use rubber or plastic, on the other hand Rugby boots only allow rubber studs. The rubber studs are insisted upon by Rugby federations as they can not be shaped or broken into sharp points like plastic studs. This is incredibly important in a high contact sport such as rugby. Many Rugby and Football boots feature studs which can be replaced by being unscrewed should new studs need to be fitted. If you have a pair of Football boots it may be possible to change the studs over for Rugby studs made of rubber and slightly longer in length.

Racquet Sports

In comparison to some other trainer styles like running shoes, racquet sports’ trainers incorporate specialist features that make them far more effective at performing their specific requirement. Tennis shoes feature a sole which provides a lot less traction than that of running shoes, this is crucial for the quick changes in direction required by a Tennis player. Having too much traction in these situations could be extremely detrimental to the joints, especially ankles and knees.
Squash shoes, much like Tennis shoes require a high level of shock absorption as both sports can be damaging to the knees. In some areas the shoes do differ however, for example all Squash shoes feature non-marking soles and when you go and play Squash you will always see a sign requesting that you only use these types of soles within the courts. Squash shoes also tend to be a little lighter in weight than a traditional Tennis shoe.

Sedate Sports

There are a number of less active sports, which don’t get me wrong, still require a high level of skill but not the grip needed for some sports such as Football and Rugby. Within this category of sports you can count both Golf and Fishing. As you may have seen Golf does require a special kind of footwear to play. Golf shoes can be spiked allowing for better grip, especially useful on wet grass, and unspiked which benefit the fairway and green far more than the Golfer’s game. Golf shoes are built to support the golfers feet, with a lot of focus on the mid-arch, an area which needs supporting especially during technical driving.
Fishing is one sport where you can wear whatever footwear you like, within reason of course. All footwear must be safe and suitable for use next to a river, weir, lake or by the sea for example. Of course for Fly Fishing you would require waders but for other types something like a pair of Crocs Crocbands would be perfect. Crocs are made from a lightweight material which dries out quickly meaning you will not have to worry about getting them wet during the course of your fishing session.

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