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12 November, 2012 | Written by Recuperat-ion Recuperat-ion
People who have had heart problems are often told they should play golf. This might be slightly surprising news because anyone who has played golf knows what a frustrating game it can be.
However, there is a lot of walking involved (unless you use a golf cart that is). Walking is a very good way of getting the blood to circulate around the body, and that’s why it’s recommended as a form of exercise to people with heart problems.
Of course, people without heart problems should consider golf as a form of exercise, because it can prevent heart problems. It can also keep the body supple, and well toned. Golf isn’t just about walking it’s about getting a golf ball into a hole that’s not much bigger than the ball itself, and this is where the frustration can come in.
Golf courses come in varying degrees of difficulty, and there can be all sorts of obstacles in the way from the initial drive to reaching the green, and finally into the hole. Bunkers are a major headache for golfers, if the ball ends up in one of these, it can add a fair few strokes to the overall score card.
Other obstacles such as trees, and of course those dreaded stretches of water can get in the way. However, for many this is part of the challenge and they take it all in their “stride”. Anyone who plays golf will know the swing is an integral part of the game. If the swing isn’t right, the ball won’t fly properly.
This is why so many people end up hitting trees and have to try and save the ball when it’s landed in the rough. So, when looking at how all of this affects the body, there are a couple of things to consider.  Walking is obviously good for the legs as well as the heart, and having a decent golf swing means the hips get a decent work-out as well.
For the upper part of the body, a golf swing will help to keep the neck, arm and shoulder muscles nice and supple. Even if you only play at weekends or are invited to “lose” the odd game with your boss, the health benefits are still worth it.
Both men and women of all ages can play golf, and it doesn’t really matter how fit (or unfit) you are, it’s a great way to get some fresh air and stretch your legs. If you’re taking up golf and it’s been a while since you did any exercise, it’s wise to take things slow. Because walking is a gentle form of exercise, it’s easy to forget just how far you’ve gone, and we don’t want really stiff leg muscles the next day.
The only time someone should check with a medical professional before taking up golf are those that have health issues (other than heart problems that have been diagnosed) which may have a detrimental effect when playing the game. If you’ve been through a major operation such as a hip replacement and feel you’re ready to get “back in the saddle” in terms of keeping fit. Be safe, and go and see your doctor first. 

Author: Russell enjoys giving advises and blogging regarding extreme sports.
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