Recuperat-ion Hydrasport makes its entry

6 March, 2013 | Written by Recuperat-ion Recuperat-ion

Specialist in sports rehydration,
Recuperat-ion reaffirms its expertise in this area with the introduction of a
new version of Recuperat-ion Hydrasport. The drink being used for 5 years by
the triathlete Marcel Zamora (among others) has received some improvements. New
innovations include cola and orange flavors that has been added to the lemon
one, and the product gets a novel packaging.

“Feel different.” This
is the slogan of Recuperat-ion Hydrasport, a drink definitely different from
what is currently available on the market. Less sugar, more minerals: the
product goes against the current trend, assuming an essential function:
rehydration. No cocktails of vitamins, proteins and antioxidants …
Recuperat-ion Hydrasport goes to the essential preserving the freshness and
muscular sensations of athletes, thanks to its exclusive formula rich in
minerals (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium). Another original benefit is the
use of glucose and fructose as simple sugars and immediate and progressive
energy sources, which allows an easy digestion (in this new version, Vitamin B1
/ thiamine was added, making it even easier to absorb sugars).
Moreover, Recuperat-ion has
announced a new agreement with the CAR (High Performance Center) in Sant Cugat, Barcelona. This training
center known worldwide (many national teams come here in preparation for major
events) trusts once more Recuperat-ion. The CAR Department of Physiology and Nutrition
recommends Recuperat-ion Hydrasport. The institution and the brand work hand in
hand to support the elites and optimize their training.
J.M. Sunyer (Recuperat-ion) et J. Fontseré (CAR Sant Cugat)

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