SPEED REHYDRATION – Be careful drinking Cola after exercise

4 June, 2012 | Written by Recuperat-ion Recuperat-ion


After exercise, you know you need a fast rehydration for an
optimal recovery. Normal physical and mental functions are often not regained
for hours until complete hydration is restored.  So, a delay in restoring normal hydration
could be especially problematic for athletes who must rehydrate fast if they
want to resume their physical activity.
A very interesting study shows the effect of caffeine added
in drinks (as cola and energy beverages) on recovery; demonstrating that limits
effective rehydration due to the diuretic effect of caffeine.
In this study dehydrated subjects were provided with sports
drink, water or diet cola.
After 2 hours recovery period, subjects had retained 73% of sports drink, 65% of water and only 54% of diet cola. 
Due to its diuretic effect, caffeine has also been
associated with accelerated mineral loss in urine. Thus, it is counterintuitive
to include caffeine in a sports drink. 
What can we do to
speed up rehydration?
The primary factor to get a full rehydration after exercise
is to maintain the urge to drink.
Regardless of the taste, electrolyte-replacement drinks
should contain a relatively high concentration of sodium (103,6ml sodium per 100
ml of drink), which will retain the osmotic drive to drink and replace the
sodium lost in sweat for several hours after exercise-induced dehydration.
More research indicate the beneficial effect of drinking a
large beverage volume (150% of fluid lost by sweat)* with a similar sodium level
on maintenance of positive fluid balance and restoration of hydration. 
*You can know your fluid lost, weighing yourself before and
after exercise
 Recuperat-ion – Sports Hydration Experts
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