Staying Safe When Mountain Biking

24 October, 2012 | Written by Recuperat-ion Recuperat-ion
When heading out for a morning on the mountain bike may sound harmless enough, but this is a vigorous sport that involves risk, speed and some rough terrain. So be prepared with some of these tips.

First Aid Kits

When you through your drink bottle and energy snacks into your back pack, don’t forget to make some room for your first aid kit! They are affordable and can be bought at your local chemist and come disinfectant ointments, saline washes, bandages and Band-Aids as well as any extras you want to throw in. It is handy to be able to clean up any wounds if you come off your bike, with sterile saline to wash out the dirt and bandages to cover and protect your wounds until you get to proper medical attention is always the best way to go.

Patch Kit, Spare Tube and Tyre Pump

There is nothing worse than being halfway through your ride in the middle of the bush with a flat tyre and nothing to fix it with. Always remember to pack a patch kit for quick repairs and a spare tube for damage that is beyond repair – otherwise it may be a long walk home!

Let Others Know Where You Are

Always let someone know of your riding plans – where you’re going, the route you’re taking, and how long you’re going for! Being stuck in the bush with an injury can end up being a very long wait for a rescue, particularly if no one knows that you’re out there. Make a written note of your plan so people can’t forget the details.

Choose a Quality Bike

To prevent break down and injuries associated with equipment failure, ensure that you have a good quality bike that is built for the purpose and intensity you are intending to use if for. At 99 Bikes, the knowledgeable staff will be a fountain of information in helping you choose the right bike that will be safe and reliable in the environment you are going to ride in. If you are unsure of the terrain that you will be riding, talk to a cycling specialist about finding the right bike for your needs.

Water and Food

Out riding your bike for a day can be a strenuous task that dehydrates the body and depletes it of energy. The greatest danger of riding is becoming dehydrated when you are far from home. Dehydration is dangerous and places terrible stress on the body. Always be sure to pack plenty of water to rehydrate yourself along the way, as well as snacks and energy bars to keep up your energy.
So get out there and have a go at your favourite ride! But always be mindful of the things that make you safe, and take the precautions necessary for a fun, and successful day!
Daniel is a mountain biking enthusiast and Manager at the best bike shop Brisbane has to offer. He likes to get out on his mountain bike everyday but says safety is extremely important to prevent serious injury. Daniel is currently training for the Australian Mountain Biking Championships for 2013.

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