The “break” by Marcel Zamora

17 October, 2012 | Written by Recuperat-ion Recuperat-ion
This is the truce! For many athletes, the month of October marks the end
of a long season. Some will enjoy it, while others are still asking for more.
In all cases, it is important to know how to take a break and not to neglect
this resting period. Marcel Zamora gives us his opinion on this particular time
of the year.
Marcel Zamora ready for the break  
“First of all, I think that it is important that everyone should
follow their own needs and desires. There is no rule for all. For example, I
used to take a break for two months in winter, which is quite unusual among
The first thing to do when the season ends is to determine the level of
physical but also mental fatigue. I agree with the coaches who advocate a break
for 2 to 6 weeks according to the level of fatigue. For example, if a
triathlete feels tired both physically and mentally, he should rest up to 6
weeks (and especially force himself to forget the triathlon during this
Then, a break does not mean a complete stop of physical activity. We
must take advantage of this moment to have fun while doing other sports or
activities. Those who are not psychologically tired can also begin to establish
their calendar for the following year.
Regarding food, we must learn to let go and enjoy it, while remaining
reasonable of course. We must continue to eat healthy but without depriving
For me, an important element is the comeback. It must be done gradually
to regain the pace smoothly. Personally I enjoy this period to go mountain
biking, skiing, or running in the mountain… This allows me to break the
rhythm and habits, but also to be with my friends. Finally, the most important point
for the comeback is to have fun. ‘
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