The more we are, the more we run

13 December, 2012 | Written by Recuperat-ion Recuperat-ion
It is hard to go outside with
this cold at night! Winter is here, and training in these tough conditions
sometimes requires a certain amount of determination. Recuperat-ion gives you a
little advice to face adversity: train in group! We give you a few reasons to
seek companionship. 
– Safety. Summer like winter, the first purpose of training
in groups is safety. For cycling and especially mountain biking, being
accompanied can save your life, whether to give an alert quickly or even to
bring you first aid kit. However, not training alone is not a reason to take
unnecessary risks or to ignore safety standards.
– Grab the opportunity to make
The athlete, like all human beings, is a social animal. Meet the
friends of your friends and expand your network around the same passion.
Additionally, exercising is a particular moment of inspiration, have you
noticed? More than one brilliant idea was born from a conversation during
– Another advantage is the
Being several simply helps find the strength. The fact of being committed
a minimum forces us to get out. Moreover, if there is a common goal (which is
important when choosing your partners), there is a shared purpose and a logical
progression in the preparation.
– Learn more from others!
Training with your comrades can bring you much more that just their company.
Take advantage of their experience and advices (against yours) on nutrition,
equipment, techniques. They will probably open your eyes about some details
that you have not noticed.
Beware however; training in groups
may have its limits when it comes to make series or to mark specific rhythms.
On the other hand, training alone can sometimes be a little escape, but also
helps you forge a mind of steel.
Finally, Recuperat-ion advises
you to choose well your partners. Age, level of training and proximity to make
an appointment are important criteria to consider … Not to mention the level
of sympathy from everyone, because “better alone than badly
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