Use the gyms in London to train for your first triathlon

1 October, 2012 | Written by Recuperat-ion Recuperat-ion
Inspired by the Brownlee brothers and want to try your first triathlon? Take advantage of your local gyms facilities to train up. Go on – give it a tri !
Training for your first triathlon can be daunting. And finding the time to squeeze training into your schedule is often the first hurdle to overcome. That is where using gym facilities can help you get the most benefit out of your time. The  gyms in London are the perfect place to start your training regime.
Firstly, try to find a gym which is close to your home and work. Next, find the one which is best for your budget. This is the key to ensuring you have no reasons to give up.
If this is your first triathlon you are probably training for either a mini or sprint. Whatever the length, they all have in common the trio of events. Balancing your training to cover all of these is the key to getting the optimum performance. Start at least 8 weeks before your race date and try to do at least one swim, bike and run session each week.
You can train in a pool, but get some experience in open water if that is what you’re racing in. Plenty of the gyms have a swimming pool, so make sure yours does! Plan your swimming training carefully to maximise the benefits. You could start with 2 lengths of each stroke, gradually increasing the number of your chosen stroke.
Most gyms in London will have exercise bikes. Most machines will monitor your heart rate and mileage. Also, take the occasional spinning class to keep things interesting. Some of the best instructors  make a class as good as an hour’s biking on the road. However, ensure you get some road practice and know how to change a flat tyre!
There is no reason why you cannot do a large part of your running training on a treadmill, elliptical trainer or even water jogging! Treadmills have many advantages, including real-time feedback and keeping your rhythm regular. Balance indoor runs with regular outdoor runs to ensure you are fully prepared.
Training for transitions
Save crucial race time by practising your transitions. After your swim at the gym,  quickly get on your bike gear and onto your bike. Aim to improve your time each visit.
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