Water and athletes

31 December, 2012 | Written by Recuperat-ion Recuperat-ion


Drinking is a vital
necessity and it is healthy for each one of us, and more importantly for
athletes. Recuperat-ion gives somme interesting data to remind you the importance of water for our organism.
Impressive numbers
Water represents 2/3
of the body weight, and represents about 45 liters of water in an athlete
weighting 80kg. It constitutes an important reserve at first sight. And yet, a
small decrease (3%) of this water reserve is enough to cause disruptions that
can potentially have serious consequences for the athlete. Let´s try to
The heart: a muscle made of 79% of water!
Water is the most
common element in the body and it exists
everywhere, including in the most unexpected areas. The three large masses that
constitute the human body (bone mass, lean mass, fat mass) present quite
different water levels. First of all, the bone mass, or skeleton, is made of
22.5% of water (the remainder consists of 30% of protein, 3% of fat and 45% of
mineral salts). Secondly, the lean mass includes the muscles, the vital organs,
the skin… which contains 75 to 80% of water! One important detail, one of the
richest organ of water is …. the heart with 79% of water. Same quantity as
our blood! Given the extreme stress of muscles during walking, we can better
guess the importance linked to this element. Finally the fat contains 14% of
water. The lower the fat for an athlete, the more important it is the keep a
good water level in the body.
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Water, at the heart of chemical reactions in our
Water is essential to
life because it creates the environment in which all chemical reactions in the
body occur. This is essential especially for the muscle activity. Water also
facilitates the flow of dissolved substances within the muscle cell, but also
the evacuation of metabolic waste to the outside of the cell. Without water,
cells suffocate due to their own waste. Another basic function: water helps
maintain a constant temperature inside the body (sweating). A water deficit
affects the blood volume, making it thicker and more concentrated, effectively
blocking the sweating. Very serious consequence: the body temperature rises inevitably… 
So hydration is an essential fact for body functions. 

Information about the author:
David Padare is a dietician nutritionist specialized in preferred
disciplines such as endurance sports and outdoor running, trail running,
cycling, triathlon, swimming….
He accompanies many athletes in their diverse and varied challenges:
ultra trail, trails stages, marathons, 100kms, 24h….
Member of the AFDN (French Association of Dietitian Nutritionist) and
the nivernais network RESEDIA for the management of DIABETES and OBESITY, he
also put his knowledge to the treatment of pathologies such as obesity,
diabetes, heart disease, food allergies…
Find David in magazines such as Running Coach and Cyclo Coach
Cyclosport, Running attitude trail magazine, running 100%feminin, 
nutricycle.comcourirdeplaisir.com, nutritiondusportif, traileur outdoor zsport.com…..
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