Winter Training Tips by Isabelle Ferrer

5 December, 2013 | Written by Recuperat-ion Recuperat-ion

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She’s one of
the best French long distance triathletes, but she’s also a fitness specialist.
In broad Winter preparation after a broken 2013 season due to a serious back
surgery Isabelle Ferrer gives us some clues to attack 2014. 
How do you
train in winter?
In winter I like to do cyclo-cross, cross (Regional’s
till France Championship), muscle-building, home-trainer, running belt, and
lots of swimming!
exercises do you recommend for this period of the year?
I recommend exercises that build up physical
TAs well it’s necessary to work the strength with
short series and plyometry.
Speed will come with MAP workouts. With long swimming
sessions, we could improve endurance. And stretching and Pilates will help with
Isabelle Ferrer Recuperat-ion Hydrasport lemon
Why is it
interesting to go to the gym before starting the season?
Because of the climate, and the night coming early. In
France, right now, after 5pm it’s difficult to train outdoor. Psychologically,
it’s very positive to change training and to see other people.
What are the
usual mistakes to avoid during this period? 
To do not stop is wrong: it’s essential to let the
organism recover.
It’s important to be careful with long training in the
cold, with groups having different level. It can be problematic to have to wait
to others, or at the contrary, to push hard. This can bring injuries.
Other usual mistake: to do too much excesses during
Is it
necessary to adapt nutrition?
In my case, I eat more food source of Omega 3 and 6,
as the walnuts or oils. I Hydrate myself well with Recuperat-ion Hydrasport
because I sweat a lot at the swim, and I need to replace quickly minerals and electrolytes lost.
I balance my diet, with vegetables of the season but
always following my energy need and my desires.

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