www.best-triathlon.com: a new tool for Long Distance triathletes

13 July, 2013 | Written by Recuperat-ion Recuperat-ion

Recuperat-ion has always been present in the world of Long Distance, in terms of sports rehydration. Our drink has become a “usual tool” for many athletes. The question is : will this be the same for best-triathlon.com?





All shiny and brand new, here comes a website very useful for triathletes. This unique long distance triathlon calendar offers around 560 events spread throughout the world, from Half Ironman format to Ironman format. The search engine is very easy to use, with different screenings and options. You will find basic information of each course and a link to the official race page. The most important information comes from the triathletes, who themselves have the chance to rate every course. “Rating” is in fashion. The opinion of  users give the best and most accurate review about a certain product. In fact, best-triathlon.com defends this aspect of the service presenting all the events in the same way (without races ads) and avoiding giving advantage to any event organizer. A tempting idea, which will allow small but interesting events to be known. 


Finally, the user profile allows you to create your own map showing all the events in which you took part. This is a very interesting tool to help you answer the question: ” Which is the best triathlon I have participated in?

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