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Hydrasport Zero 20 sticks

Why use this hypotonic drink? Benefits Deep muscle hydration. Covers the athlete’s nutritional needs. Improves the sensations and experiences of athletes. Provides sodium, potassium, calcium and...


Recovery 3:1 12 Sachets

Why to use it? Recuperat-ion Recovery 3:1 is an instant strawberry flavour powder drink for muscle and organism recovery after intense exercise such as triathlon, trail, marathon, cycling, etc....


Gel Energy 24 Units

Why to use it? Gel energy provides immediate energy thanks to its simple sugars content: glucose (high on the glycemic index) and fructose (low on the glycemic index). Its proportion is 2:1 and are...


Recuperation FM Base 10-20L

Why use it? Our muscles crave for minerals. When suffering more or less intense discomfort of muscular origin, we probably need a good dose of mineral supplement. RECUPERAT-ION FM is a...


Recuperat-ion S.R.O.

Whenever we lose fluids, either because of diarrhoea, vomiting or intense sweating, it is very important (especially in children) to recuperate healthy levels of hydration as soon as possible....