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Gel Energy

Why to use it? Gel energy provides immediate energy thanks to its simple sugars content: glucose (high on the glycemic index) and fructose (low on the glycemic index). Its proportion is 2:1 and are...


Recovery 3:1

Why to use it? Recuperat-ion Recovery 3:1 is an instant strawberry flavour powder drink for muscle and organism recovery after intense exercise such as triathlon, trail, marathon, cycling, etc....


Hydrasport Zero

Why use this hypotonic drink? Benefits Deep muscle hydration. Covers the athlete’s nutritional needs. Improves the sensations and experiences of athletes. Provides sodium, potassium, calcium and...


Recuperat-ion Hydrasport

12 packets - 6L Why use this hypotonic drink? Recuperat-ion Hydrasport is a scientifically formulated sports drink to ensure optimal hydration before, during and after practicing sports. It...