Anna Godoy

ANNA GODOY: Leading the next triathletes generation.
Anna was born October 21st, 1992 in Barcelona. At the early age of 5, she began as a swimmer in the CNB and won several titles in the national championships.

Fuelled by her father and brother, the renowned triathletes and Cesc Paco Godoy, she decided to stop swimming, or rather complement it, making the jump into triathlon. In 2008 she started as a triathlete. She manages to be champion junior in both duathlon and triathlon and for the first time she takes part in the European Championship in her class.

Thanks to her international results, obtained a grant from the Spanish Triathlon Federation to continue training as a triathlete, and becomes part of the national team in the CAR of Madrid.
where she spent 3 years in the capital, combining studies-a higher degree of sport- with a strict training, and above all, consolidating herself as international triathlete.

In 2013 starts in the CAR Sant Cugat, this year she is Aquathlon national champion and third sub-23the national triathlon sprint.

Ends its 2014 season by winning the Garmin Barcelona Triathlon.

2015 was her best year: she ended 2nd in the European Cup Melilla and was 2nd in the Championship of Spain Triathlon Olympic at all and 1st in U23, among many other great results of an international character, and, above all, in the individual category.

Currently Anna lives in Barcelona combining university and workouts, fighting every day to improve her sports career.