Claudia Galicia

CLAUDIA GALICIA: 2 sports, 2 seasons, top level.
She is made of what big champions are made.

Not satisfied to excel in a sport, she is brilliant in two very different disciplines: skimo and mountain biking.

In Recuperat-ion Sport we feel it is a privilege to support her this year and specially what Claudia represents: values, firmness and the enormous sacrifice that takes place with the greatest joy.

Clàudia Galicia, the biker

It is by chance that Claudia participate in the Titan Desert 2013 edition that she won brilliantly. That was the beginning of a great mountain-biking history. The same 2013 was 3rd in the Volcan mountain biking race.

The following year she again won the Titan Desert wining every single stage and also had an absolute victory in the Andalucia Bike Race and La Rioja bike race, among other notable results.

This past year she has repeated in Andalucía and has been second in la Rioja and Volcat BTT, and she was 16th in the World Championship Marathon BTT which is a fantastic result. In 2016 she faces still somestage races, but Claudia also wants to fight in the European Championships Marathon and run a rally, it is the discipline that she needs a better improvement.

Clàudia Galicia, the skier

As we have seen, the same "chance" that led to mountain-bike also happened in skiing, but, this time, friends, a certain nostalgia and her love for high mountains had a significant weight.

Today Claudia is a bright mountain skier, among the best in the world. Already in 2014 he got great results internationally and in 2015 has been simply amazing: 5th in the World Championships Vertical Race, 7th in the World Championships Sprint, 3rd in World Cup Sprint, 3rd Cup Single World, 3rd long Distance World Cup and a long list of results that make it seem impossible that started just three years ago. This 2016 its objectives are obviously international level races and we will see her fight in the top for sure.