Judith Corachán

JUDITH CORACHAN: Medium Distance Triathlon national champion
A triathlete with spectacular strength and overwhelming competitiveness.

Judith was born in Sant Boi 31 years ago. Since she was very young she loved swimming, with only 8 years she started competing and getting great results: she became national champion in 50m. At 20, studies and work consumed her too long to be able to compete. But even then, the sport was too important in her life to do without it completely: although much more relaxed, she played football for two years. Also water polo, and even dared to make some popular running races.

About six years ago, in 2009, she dared with a mountain duathlon. She had already tested running but she didn't have good contact with the bicycle, not greater than that of ordinary people. In fact, even she had bike, she had to borrow one for the occasion. The race was the Duathlon Viladecans. She won. 

Triathlon Club Prat did not want to waste time and that day, they showed their interest to sign her. She was delighted, the experience was great. Not that she didn't like team sports, as a hobby were perfect, but as Judith is a real competitive soul, she just didn't like anything that didn't depended on herself. Moreover, seeing that she did so well in duathlon, adding swimming could only make it even better.

This first test, the discovery took place in January, and that same year and Judith was requested by the Catalan team to participate in the national championships. And they won. Thereafter victories occurred during two spectacular years, all seemed the beginning of a stellar career.

But misfortune came in 2011: the forced to quit sport due to a thyroid problem. "It was a shock," said the triathlete. She needed the support of a sports psychologist. But the indomitable Judith refused to quit completelly and went out on her bike occasionally.

All the problems started to ease significantly and in 2013 they took awy the medication. With more momentum than ever and reinforced mentally Jusith returned to triathlon, but not short distances, as above, but directly sought a middle distance. Like a déjà vu she ran at a first race and won. The 'stellar career' had only suffered a slight pause to keep being written gretest yet. At the end of 2015, she became national champion in medium distance