Marcel Zamora

MARCEL ZAMORA: Long distance triathlon legend.
Marcel Zamora is already a legend in the  world of triathlon. 5 times champion at the mythical Embrunman, and 5 times winner of the Iron Man Nice. His mental strength and his natural gifts of cyclist and runner makes him an almost invincible triathlete in any race with climbing. He is one of the most beloved and recognized triathlon athletes. A popular hero.

Marcel's relationship with Recuperat-ion Sport comes from long ago. regular user of our products when training in CAR Sant Cugat, he became the ambassador reference about 5 years ago. A successful relationship that will continue the next years.

Marcel comments on our products "For me the best of Recuperat-ion Sport is its taste, which does not tire me how much I train with it because it is very soft and goes very well. For longer workouts bike is very convenient to carry the product , and it's very easy to prepare for long distance athletes"