1 How many doses of Recuperat-ion Hydrasport drink can I take during the day?

Clinical studies show that, after exercise, it is necessary to replace water and mineral salts until reaching 150% of lost body weight through sweat. Salts need to be high concentrated.

That means that if you lose 1 kilogram of weight, you need to drink 1,5 litres of water. Therefore, to reach the ideal ionic concentration, you need to dissolve 3 doses of Recuperat-ion Sport in 1,5 litres of water.

There is no limit to the quantity that a healthy athlete can take, since it is convenient to refill all the salts lost through sweat as soon as possible

Remember that it is very important to remain hydrated before and during exercise. For additional information you can visit our Advices Section.

2 How many doses of Recuperat-ion FM can I take during the day?

If there is not a self-evident dehydration caused by sweat, you do not need to take many daily doses. Instead, you can take few doses during a long period of time.

To improve deep hydration and relieve muscular discomfort, we recommend that you take 1 dose during the day dissolved in 1 litre of water. To achieve the desired permanent effect you need to keep this consumption during a long period of time, which can reach up to 6 months or even a year.

At some moments you can increase the doses to 2, 3 or a maximum of 4 doses per day.

3 For how long can I take Recuperat-ion Hydrasport and Recuperat-ion FM?

You can take Recuperat-ion regularly according to your hydration needs.

You should remember however that only your Doctor has the knowledge to provide you with health advice.

4 Has Recuperat-ion any incompatibility with other minerals or medicines or food?

The ions dissolved in water get absorbed very quickly and do not interfere with other nutrients.

As happens with any another dietary supplement, if you are under medication, you will need to consult with your Doctor about the suitability to take Recuperat-ion.

5 Can I take Recuperat-ion FM or Recuperat-ion Hydrasport if I have high blood pressure?

As with any illness, your doctor will advice you on the best diet to avoid unnecessary risks. We advice you to ask your doctor if your high blood pressure is sodium-dependent, and if you can take this product.

Your doctor can also advice you to reduce the salt intake in your diet to compensate the increase in sodium.

6 Is it useful to treat illnesses?

Our consumers often ask us about the benefits of Recuperat-ion for the treatment of some reumathic illnesses. We always recommend our customers to consult their doctor to know which treatments can be useful in their situation.

Recuperat-ion is not a medicine but a food supplement which contributes to get mineral salts and optimal hydrationto people that suffer from an intense muscular debilitation.

7 Can I take my usual medicines together with vitAmin-T?

vitAmin-T does not have any contraindications but if you follow a controlled diet or suffer from illnesses we advice you to consult your doctor on the suitability of consumption of vitAmin-T®.

8 Is there any overdose risk with vitAmin-T?

Within the recommended dosification there is no possibility of overdose since the concentration of vitAmin-T® ingredients has been calculated in order not to exceed the Daily Recommended Values (DV) suggested by experts.

9 Can I take a mineral salts based drink, such as Recuperat-ion Sport or Recuperat-ion FM, together with vitAmin-T?

Yes, the positive effect on "peripheral fatigue" of a correct hydration is improved by the positive effects on "central fatigue" achieved by vitAmin-T.

10 Where can I buy your products?

In Spain you can find them in most pharmacies. 

Outside of Spain you can buy them in our online shop and we will deliver them to your home.