The lack of minerals, from one to several essential minerals, will make a number of important though inespecific symptoms appear, such as fatigue, apathy, sleeplessness, weakness and lack of concentration, which vary in function of which minerals are missing and how many.
Given that between 65 and 75% of human muscular mass is water, normal muscle performance is affected if there is no proper hydration.

The electrical stimulation of nerves and the muscular contraction occurs thanks to the exchange of the electrolytes dissolved in water, through the nerves and membranes in the muscular cells. For this reason, a loss of water or electrolytes affects negatively both strength and muscular control.

 can be very dangerous as it provokes the tearing of muscular proteins. Something as simple as  water and mineral deficit, can produce fatigue and exhaustion, in sportsmen and in normal people in everyday life.One of the main causes of FATIGUE are electrolytic alterations and the changes in water levels in our body.


Recuperat -ion FM, is a non-energy hydration drink with mineral salts ( sodium, potassium , calcium, magnesium ) designed to provide fluids and salts . Provides the essential ions for the functioning of the neuromuscular junction , it ie the transmission of nerve impulses .


In situations of muscle or joint discomfort ,  due to diseases, the day to day or sports , such as:

  • Muscle Discomfort
  • Psychophysical stress
  • contractures
  • cramps
  • Muscular fatigue


People who have muscular discomfort, caused by:

  • Spending many hours standing 
  • Tired legs , tingling in the extremities , ...
  • Postural problems
  • They are sitting at the computer all day
  • People who have just come out or are in periods of immobility.
  • Sedentary People
  • Athletes with significant physical wear
  • As a complement to physiotherapy rehabilitation 

 People with higher needs sodium :

  • People with hypotension


Oral rehydration therapy is probably one of the greatest medical advances of the twentieth century. It can be used regardless of the age of the patient, the pathogen or baseline blood sodium , being indicated to prevent dehydration , rehydrate and maintain hydration.


Gastroenteritis is an acute diarrheal disease that causes increased number of daily bowel movements and / or decreased stool consistency , making them more liquid . Usually the onset is abrupt and may be accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea , vomiting , fever and abdominal pain, gnawing .

Its duration is variable, although usually lasting less than 1 week.

However, the smaller it can last up to two weeks.


INFECTIOUS It is mainly caused by virus ( cured without antibiotics or other drugs) and rarely also by bacteria.


Dehydration , which can be especially serious when it comes to young children and the elderly.


3 key points:

  1. Stay hydrated , taking a rehydration solution prepared for these cases, as Recuperat -ion Suero Oral pharmaceutical S.R.O.®
  2. Avoid the use of medications , unless expressly doctor's recommendation. Taking antibiotics without indication may lengthen the diarreico frame and the period of infecting others .
  3. Provide food regularly from the beginning and without forcing. Avoid fatty foods and sugar. Only in case of dehydration are advised to pause .


Suero Oral -ion Recuperat S.R.O.® is an oral rehydration solution ( s.r.o. ) indicated for the prevention of dehydration due to diarrhea episodes , vomiting and profuse sweating. It acts not only on symptoms but also on its cause. In addition to rehydrate , it protects and tastes good. 


Thanks to its low sodium formula that helps restore water and electrolyte balance. " Hiposódica Formula according to WHO criteria , ESPGHAN and SEUP "


Stimulate natural immune response , thanks to the incorporation therein Imunoglukan serum ( B -D-glucan , fungus Pleurotus polysaccharide extracted ostreatus also called Gírgola ) . Recuperat formula Suero Oral -ion S.R.O.® helps restore intestinal mucosa altered by enteric pathogens . If you want to know more about Imunoglukan Imunoglukan download pdf


appetizing flavors for all ages that facilitate the completion of treatment, especially in children . If you want to see what flavors they prefer children study palatability download pdf