VITAMIN -T Tryptophan and Vitamin- T Sueño is a pair of complementary products to rebalance naturally sleep - wake cycle in case of fatigue or decay . Its natural action is based on the virtues of the amino acid Tryptophan, influential in mood and sleep onset .


It is one of the 10 essential aminoacids, that we only obtain through diet.
It is a Serotonin precursor.


It is a hormone which acts as a neurotransmitter.
It modulates different responses of the body: Pain relief (analgesic effect ), psychic relief (regulation of mood and anxiety), satiating effect and  Better sleep quality

A natural antidepressant ? 
If we have appropriate levels of serotonin our mood , our vital state, improvement and we can give the best of ourselves.



It is a dietary supplement based on the main vitamins involved in energy processes in the human body, enriched with essential amino acid L-tryptophan, natural precursor of serotonin, a neurotransmitter related to the mechanisms of onset of fatigue.
In what situations to use it?

  • In the syndrome of decay, which is synonymous with " malaise " and is characterized by a feeling of fatigue , which can be associated or not, to other diseases.
  • In certain situations produce discouragement : stress , stop smoking, lose weight , personal problems, disinterest. Other situations require us reanimated, or reach the maximum own potential : periods of time with intellectual or physical demands , including athletes



Do you have trouble sleeping? You feel you do not recover well or you have trouble falling asleep? Start enjoying your nights. "To sleep!"

VitAmin-T Melatonin with Tryptophan is the first supplement offering a unique combination of ingredients to facilitate sleep.

In addition to the dose of exogenous Melatonin, this new product incorporates Tryptophan in its formulation in order to stimulate natural sleep hormone metabolism (melatonin).

A good rest is key to feeling balanced in life. Take care of yourself with VitAmin-T Melatonin.


  • In times of anxiety or emotional instability, VITAMIN -T Melatonin helps sleep in less time.
  • In case of " jet lag" or change in working hours, VITAMIN -T Melatonin helps restore altered sleep-wake cycle.
  • In over 50 years , VITAMIN -T Melatonin compensates for the decreased production of melatonin that occurs with age , restoring the ability to fall asleep.


1-You fall asleep more easily
1 capsule of VitAmin-T Sueño contains 1.9 mg of Melatonin,  complementing your endogenous Melatonin level, which is increasing in darkness. VitAmin-T Melatonin supplies the adequate amount of Melatonin that is required in stressful situations, and helps you fall asleep in a natural way, about 30 minutes after bedtime.
2-You sleep better
1 capsule of Vitamin-T Melatonin contains 100 mg of Tryptophan, a natural source of Melatonin. When it is dark, Tryptophan is converted into new Melatonin. Magnesium and the vitamins B3-B6-B9 facilitate this process. This way, Melatonin level is maintained during more hours so that you can enjoy a natural rest without disruptions.