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Recuperation FM Base 10-20L

RECUPERAT-ION FM is a scientifically formulated hypotonic drink to provide deep remineralization of muscles to restore the necessary ionic balance. Composed by mineral salts (sodium, potassium , calcium, magnesium) designed to provide fluids and salts.

Available in two flavours, mineral flavour and orange flavour.

Sabor FM
  • Fórmula Base
  • Orange

Why use it?

Our muscles crave for minerals. When suffering more or less intense discomfort of muscular origin, we probably need a good dose of mineral supplement.

RECUPERAT-ION FM is a scientifically formulated hypotonic drink to provide deep remineralization of muscles to restore the necessary ionic balance required for good muscle performance in a variety of situations:


  • Provides liquids and mineral salts.
  • Provides essential ions for neuromuscular junction.
  • Recovers muscle hydration.
  • No added fats or sugars.

It is recommendable if you

  • Have muscle pain.
  • Have generalized fatigue.
  • Are experiencing psychophysical stress.
  • Have muscle spasms and cramps.
  • Postural problems or after immovability periods.

Hydration and remineralization

The lack of minerals, from one to several essential minerals, will make a number of important though inespecific symptoms appear, such as fatigue, apathy, sleeplessness, weakness and lack of concentration, which vary in function of which minerals are missing and how many.

Given that between 65 and 75% of human muscular mass is water, normal muscle performance is affected if there is no proper hydration. The electrical stimulation of nerves and the muscular contraction occurs thanks to the exchange of the electrolytes dissolved in water, through the nerves and membranes in the muscular cells. For this reason, a loss of water or electrolytes affects negatively both strength and muscular control.

Recuperat -ion FM, is a non-energy hydration drink with mineral salts ( sodium, potassium , calcium, magnesium ) designed to provide fluids and salts . Provides the essential ions for the functioning of the neuromuscular junction , it ie the transmission of nerve impulses.

To whom it may concern?

People who have muscular discomfort, caused by:

 Spending many hours standing
 Tired legs, tingling in the extremities , ...
 Postural problems
 They are sitting at the computer all day
 People who have just come out or are in periods of immobility.
 Sedentary People
 Athletes with significant physical wear
 As a complement to physiotherapy rehabilitation

People with higher needs sodium:

 People with hypotension

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