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VitAmin-T Melatonin 30 capsules

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VitAmin-T Sueño with Tryptophan is the first supplement offering a unique combination of ingredients to facilitate sleep. In addition to the dose of exogenous Melatonin, this new product incorporates Tryptophan in its formulation in order to stimulate natural sleep hormone metabolism (melatonin).
A good rest is key to feeling balanced in life. Take care of yourself with VitAmin-T Melatonin.
You fall asleep more easily
1 capsule of VitAmin-T Sueño contains 1.9 mg of Melatonin,  complementing your own Melatonin level, which is increasing in darkness. VitAmin-T Melatonin supplies the adequate amount of Melatonin that is required in stressful situations, and helps you fall asleep in a natural way, about 30 minutes after bedtime.
You sleep better
1 capsule of Vitamin-T Melatonin contains 100 mg of Tryptophan, a natural source of Melatonin. When it is dark, Tryptophan is converted into new Melatonin. Magnesium and the vitamins B3-B6-B9 facilitate this process. This way, Melatonin level is maintained during more hours so that you can enjoy a natural rest without disruptions.


1 Capsule  before bedtime
In case of "jet lag" or workshift change: take 1 capsule at night before bedtime (the same day of the trip or  workshift change) and the next 4 nights before bedtime.

Nutritional ValuesPer 1 capsule%NRV
 Energy0,37 kcal ( 1,58 kJ)  
Carbohydrate0,023 g  
 Fat0 g  
Magnesium100 mg27%
Vitamin B3 8 mg 50%
Vitamin B60,7 mg50%
Folate Vitamin B9100 µg50%
L-Tryptophan100 mg 
*NRV: Nutrient reference values

Magnesium oxide, L-tryptophan, Vitamin B3 (niacin), Vitamin B6 (piridoxin), Melatonin, Vitamin B9 (folate); Bulking agent: microcrystalline cellulose, dextrose anhydrous; Stabiliser: magnesium stearate, Anti-caking agent: Silicon oxide.

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